Terry and Diane Livingstone



We both started working for Fotek in 1977. In 1988 we got the opportunity to take over the business and have run it as a family business ever since. In 1996 we made the decision to specialise in Pre School photography and since then have become known as leaders in the field. We are extremely proud of our team and believe we have the best Pre School photographers and product in the business.


Dearne Jones

General Manager/Director

I started at Fotek in 1988 as a bright eyed 19 year old. Today all those  years later, I am very proud that I am still part of this wonderful family run business. In 2005 I became General Manager and more recently a director of the company. I can truly say we have the best team of photographers doing one of the most demanding but enjoyable jobs there is.


Donna Geaney



I am the face behind the voice at the end of the phone. I started at Fotek when my children were still at school and 11 years later I am still here. I love the fact that coming to work is like “family”. Working here keeps me young at heart because we all have fun keeping up to date with what the children like from year to year and love seeing the beautiful photos when they are done.


Andrea Brown



Only having been at Fotek for 6 months and assisting in the office, I don't think there is a better company to work for. It is a fun and energetic environment with a wonderful and professional group of people.


Hayley Gamblin



I have been with Fotek for over 10 years. It is more than just a job to me .

Walking into each pre school , loving what you do and getting those amazing reactions has always filled my passion for photography.

I now have my own child so I realsie just how important those precious memories are.



Emma Sainsbury



I started working for Fotek when I finished school and I’ve been very lucky to work with such wonderful people. Every day is a new challenge and getting the perfect photo makes it all worthwhile.


Amber Wakefield



Having fun and being creative has always been a big part of who I am. After completing a diploma of Photo Imaging, I came to join the Fotek team and it has been a perfect fit. I get to combine my love for photography with the joy of making kids laugh. There aren’t many jobs where you get to wear overalls whilst balancing a puppet on your head…and I love it!


Alex Hunt



Coming from the country I missed out on pre school photos. To not have these memories to look back on has been a big loss. Being part of a company that creates these treasured keepsakes for families so they don’t miss out like I did, is very rewarding. Capturing a child’s time at pre school and passing it onto their families is the most rewarding experience.


Nicola Lynagh



When I tell people what I do for a living they are always so interested and say how great it is that I’m doing something I love. You know what they say “do something you love & you’ll never work a day in your life”. I still haven’t worked a day in my life.


Tirsa Godinez



Creativeness feeds my soul! I am very lucky to have this job, where I can get as creative as I like photographing beautiful and cheeky characters. Fotek photographed my first child 17 years ago and ever since I saw those photos it inspired me to become a children’s photographer. 17 years later I am now working for Fotek capturing those precious moments for other parents.


Shanae Hadju


Central Coast/Sydney 


Working with Fotek is the perfect combination between two of my greatest passions – photography and working with children. It allows me to put my creative skills and love for children to good use. Honestly, being around the kid’s smiles and infectious laughter makes it so rewarding that it doesn’t feel like work at all. I count myself lucky to be able to say that I love my job.


Siobhan Hayes


Central Coast 


Laughter and those cheeky smiles! What else could you want from a job? I'm so grateful that Fotek has given me the opportunity to turn my passion for photography into a career. Working with children is just the icing on top of the cake, seeing those bright smiles makes this the best job in the world!


Aly Noye



When I saw two of the Fotek girls taking photos down at Cronulla Beach I knew that it was something I wanted to do. I feel so lucky to be working with a great group of people, doing something that we all love.  


Amy Halpin



I love the world of photography! It has been an amazing opportunity to work with such a fantastic team at Fotek. Every day is different and so much fun!


Michelle Lawson-Smith



When people ask me what I do for a living I say, 'I make children smile'. Working at Fotek allows me to capture those beautiful smiles for families to treasure. I love that every day and every children is different , it makes going to work fun!


Katie Tuffery



Working with children has always been a great passion for me! I am orginally from New Zealand, where I spent numerous years working as a nanny. Ever since I moved to Sydney and started working at Fotek, I barely feel like I am even working because it's just so much fun! Putting smiles on children's faces is an amazing feeling!


Piper James


South Coast


Working with Fotek has boosted my confidence and helped me improve my photography skills. There is nothing I love more than doing what I enjoy and working with amazing people!


Lauren Leckie

Whatashot Photographer


I’m a kid at heart and I love how this job allows me to have so much fun. It’s so rewarding knowing you’ve made a child smile or laugh. I remember my pre school photos, I was so excited I practised my smile for a week! It’s great getting to know the kids and seeing their faces light up with excitement makes it a joy to photograph.